Redmi Note 13 Pro Plus Full Review | Performance and Storage

Redmi Note 13 Pro Plus Full Review | Performance and Storage

Honestly, when I was writing this script for the Redmi Note 13 Pro+, I often thought of a phone we’ve reviewed before: the realme 11 Pro+. There are so many similarities between them, such as they both have vegan leather back covers, 200 MP main cameras, and they both only sell for around $300. That realme 11 Pro+ is no longer in our hands, but the tested data is still there. So can the Note 13 Pro+ beat this phone released four months ago? let’s check it out.

Performance & Gaming

If your Redmi Note model does not have a T in its name, the performance is generally poor. But this time the performance of the Note 13 Pro+ is a little better than expected. It’s not as powerful as the Note 12 Turbo, but it’s better than the 12 Pro+ and last year’s Realme 11 Pro+. The long-term performance of the Note 13 Pro+ doesn’t seem to be a problem either, in theory the gaming experience should be better and it is. However, the frame rate advantage doesn’t seem to be as big as the result shows.I don’t really think the FPS advantage is significant, the gaming experience is more or less the same.SoDimensity 7200-Ultra on 13 Pro+ didn’t help at all? Not exactly.

 Finally, if you want to shoot 4K videos, EIS support will ensure your footage will be smoother. And Realme 11 Pro+ can’t do that.Like the realme 11 Pro+, the Note 13 Pro+ also replaces the telephoto lens with an ultra-high-resolution main camera, which is a great solution for a mid-range phone. The HP3 is a great sensor, even if it doesn’t take 200MP photos it’s still one of the best.


Since TCL’s display panels have gotten better and better, the display we use on the budget phone has gotten better too. Although you’ve probably heard it many times before, I’d still say it’s the best screen I’ve seen in its price range. It’s top-notch in terms of both peak brightness and color calibration. Various eye protection features are also present, and it’s even got various certifications from TÜV Rheinland.

But for me personally, it would be nice if it was a straight screen because curved screens can never skip the problem of greenish edges.


We didn’t get to see the vegan leather version of the Note 13 Pro+ in the Unboxing and Hands-on videos. But now you have it. I don’t know what you guys think, but I think this Note 13 Pro+ is the most beautiful Redmi phone I’ve ever seen.

But it seems that the vegan leather is softer or has more cavities inside, and the back cover resonance can be noticeable when the volume is high. I don’t really think it’s a big issue, maybe Redmi just intentionally made the back cover part of the speaker as well. Speaking of speakers, this time the Note 13 Pro+ comes with AAC’s 2-in-1 speaker motor part – Combo. this speaker not only saves space for the vibration motor inside but also gets more bass and more volume. I have a feeling that more and more phones will use such speakers in the future.

Battery & Charging

Although the Note 13 Pro+ has 120W of charging power, it can also be fully charged in 23 minutes. Compared to realme 11 Pro+, only in the first fifteen minutes when Note 13 Pro+ have a slight advantage. The price we need to pay for better performance is worse battery life, or perhaps the system is not yet optimized, Anyway, so far the battery life of the 13 Pro+ is not considered excellent.


Unsurprisingly, the Note 13 Pro is a great phone to buy. There’s not much to complain about except that the performance and battery life is a bit worse than some certain phones. After all, budget phones always have trade-offs. It has better performance than realme 11 Pro+, better speakers and motors, and IP68. so out of the two phones, I would recommend the Note 13 Pro+.

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