Mind Blowing Feature for Video Boost Feature on Pixel 8 Pro

Mind Blowing Feature for Video Boost Feature on Pixel 8 Pro

With the December 2023 Pixel Feature Drop, Google released more than 15 new features for Pixel devices, including using your Google Pixel phone as a webcam, repair mode, and others that are available on most Pixel series phones. are available for However, this does not mean that all the features coming with the December 2023 feature drop are available for all devices. Some features are only available on the higher-end Pixel 8 Pro. The Video Boost feature is one of them, which is currently only available for the Pixel 8 Pro.

As the name suggests, Video Boost is a video processing feature exclusively available for the latest Pixel phone, namely the Pixel 8 Pro.

Today, you will learn what the Video Boost feature on the Pixel 8 Pro is, how it works, and everything about it.

What is the Video Boost Feature and How Does it Work?

Video Boost is a post-processing feature on Google’s latest flagship Pixel 8 Pro. It connects to the Google Photos app and Google’s cloud servers and offers better dynamic range, sharpness and color.

Once you turn on the Video Boost feature and shoot a video, it’s uploaded to Google’s data centers, where it’s processed by the model to adjust colors, lighting, stability, and more. is processed. let’s go.

However, it also recognizes that you don’t always have time to wait before you want to share videos. So, to make up the difference, the Pixel 8 Pro essentially records two versions of your video: one that you can share right away and another that’s uploaded to Google’s cloud servers for processing.

Everything You Need to Know About Video Boost Feature on Pixel 8 Pro

The initial video goes through some basic retouching, although a large file powered by Google’s Advanced model waits until you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network before uploading to a cloud server.

After Google’s servers have completed processing, you will receive a notification that the enhanced version of the video is ready.

Things You Need to Take Care Before Using Video Boost

As stated earlier, due to the high amount of data, video processing is handled on Google’s cloud server rather than on your Google Pixel phone. You have to deal with certain hassles in exchange for this:

  • Once you activate the feature, you can only record videos in 4K 30fps.
  • The Video Boost feature only works with the main primary camera.
  • The result of the feature will take at least four hours before it becomes available.
  • You will have to activate the Google backup function for images and videos via a Google account.
  • Suppose you would like to record your first Video Boost video right away. In that case, you’ll end up with two video clips on your device: one in 1080p resolution for sharing with others, and the other in 4K 30fps resolution preserved on the cloud server.

How to Activate Video Boost on Pixel 8 Pro

Now that you know what the Video Boost feature is and how it works, you might be wondering how you can use it, but worry not; follow the below steps to try Google’s advanced video processing.

Step 1: Open the Camera app on your Google Pixel 8 Pro.

Step 2: Switch to Video mode if you have not already.

Step 3: Click on the gear icon, then Video Boost.

Step 4: Finally, record the video.

Note that the maximum recording limit when you use the Video Boost feature is only 10 minutes.


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