Brilliant Takeaways from Bill Gates’ Predictions for 2024

Brilliant Takeaways from Bill Gates’ Predictions for 2024

Every year Bill Gates predicts how useful technology will be in the coming year. Some of them were successful, others are still future technologies.

For example, in a 2019 MIT Technology Review article, he predicted ten things, and many of the technologies highlighted have achieved their goal.

We have meat without cows, EKGs in our smartwatches and smooth-talking AI assistants like ChatGPT.

Now he is thinking about what awaits him in 2024, and the main theme is that artificial intelligence will drive innovation in the coming year.The biggest takeaway from next year is that it will pave the way for “a huge tech boom at the end of this decade.” Artificial intelligence technology is evolving dramatically, experiencing exponential growth every two weeks.

At Gates, AI is working on some of the most difficult problems, such as combating antibiotic resistance, providing personalized learning tools for students, treating high-risk pregnancies, and making medical records easier for doctors to research.

Since 2000, the number of children dying before the age of five has halved, largely thanks to vaccine innovations. Bill argues that AI can accelerate the discovery of innovative medicines so that fewer people die before they reach their full potential.

Another way to realize the potential of childhood is to eliminate malnutrition. The Gates Foundation has discovered that a specific bacterium is responsible for the absorption of nutrients in the intestines of newborns.

If the gut bacteria are not growing or the child is not eating enough food, no amount of nutritious food can correct the malnutrition. They then developed a probiotic form of this bacterium that maintains a delicate balance in the gut microbiome.

It’s no secret that 2023 was the hottest year on record, and climate change has proven that this is a real and present threat. Bill Gates has been an active participant in United Nations climate conferences for years and this year was no exception.

At COP28, he emphasized a greater focus on curbing harmful emissions rather than eliminating them, including a greater focus on nuclear energy and alternative energy sources.

And the last thing that will happen in 2024 is that more people will be able to vote than ever before in history. Large-scale elections are planned in more than 60 countries, including our country.

elected officials at all levels of government will set policies that extend only beyond 2024. Every vote will therefore count even more, not only for local but also for global reasons.

The future is what we make

It’s easy to read these predictions and feel hopeful about the future. Artificial intelligence and other technologies offer hope for a better world if they are used altruistically.

Perhaps there will be a solution to the climate crisis, although any solution will still require the cooperation of many countries to implement it.

It is clear that although technology may be seen as harmful in some cases, it still represents an overall benefit to humanity. Innovation is a uniquely human trait and the next generation of innovators is yet to come. Sources

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