Android News | OnePlus Announces OxygenOS 14 Open Beta for OnePlus 10T

Android News | OnePlus Announces OxygenOS 14 Open Beta for OnePlus 10T

OnePlus performs well in the OxygenOS 14 skin test based on Android 14. Beta access is now available for OnePlus 11, OnePlus 11R, OnePlus Nord 3, OnePlus 10 Pro and OnePlus Pad. Today the company has expanded beta access for OnePlus 10T, read on to know more.

OnePlus follows previous trends and has officially published all the details on its community forum. The company has released the first open beta of OxygenOS 14 for OnePlus 10T.According to the information, 5,000 places are available in the open beta test program. So if you are interested, be sure to enroll in the program soon.

Also note that your OnePlus 10T is running on CPH2413_13.1.0.584 (EX01) or CPH2413_13.Construction number 1.0.587 (EX01). If your phone has older software, you will need to update it to the latest version to participate in the open beta program. Since this is the first beta version, some issues may occur. Here is a list of known issues in the first beta release.

  • Dark mode does not take effect in some apps.
  • Failure for screen mirroring when using multi-screen connect.
  • The screen isn’t off when lifting to ear to answer calls.

Apart from the issues, the update comes with a bunch of new features and changes. OnePlus shares a detailed changelog for today’s release, Here are the new changes in the open beta.

  • Smart and efficient
    • Improves cloud photo service by Google Photos
  • Performance optimization
    • Improves system stability, the launch speed of apps, and the smoothness of animations.
  • Aquamorphic Design
    • Upgrades Aquamorphic Design with a natural, gentle, and clearer color style for a more comfortable color experience.
    • Adds Aquamorphic-themed ringtones and revamps the system notification sounds.
  • User Care
    • Adds a carbon tracking AOD that visualizes the carbon emissions you avoid by walking instead of driving.

OnePlus 10T owners can finally join the OxygenOS 14 Open Beta program and try out the new features. You can tap Settings > About Device > Current > Tap the icon in the upper right corner > Beta Program > and follow the on-screen instructions to join the beta program.

Remember to charge your phone at least 60% and backup important data. You can follow OnePlus’ installation instructions on the community forum.

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