Best Ways Wizz App Helps Teens Fight Loneliness

Best Ways Wizz App Helps Teens Fight Loneliness

Being a teenager has never been easy. The isolating effect of the pandemic on young people has made this task even more difficult. Most young people today have spent two or three crucial years of their development away from their social environment, missing opportunities to connect with their peers and develop social skills that strengthen their self-esteem.

Of course, youth loneliness is a problem that existed before the pandemic and has been affecting young people for years. Recent research shows that the proportion of teenagers (ages 13 to 17) using the internet has doubled since 2015.95% use social media and more than half have difficulty disconnecting.

To satisfy their need for connection with their peers, many teenagers turn to social media apps such as the Wizz app, which offers them a lifeline to alleviate loneliness by sharing with others who network online .

While the disadvantages of excessive screen time are well documented, technology can also be a source of comfort. It allows people to stay connected, find community and share experiences, and often bridges social gaps that can lead to the loneliness that teenagers often experience. Although virtual connections are not a perfect replacement for physical connections, they can provide social and emotional support and sometimes even improve mental well-being.

Since its launch in 2019, the Wizz app has played a key role in helping teenagers and other users make new friends, increase self-esteem, overcome social anxiety, combat introversion, and relieve boredom and loneliness. With 16 million downloads and 1.5 million daily active users, it’s clear that Wizz has struck a chord with its target audience.

The Wizz application has become a reference for teenagers who want to express themselves freely and improve their social skills in an interactive and safe space. Many teenagers now use apps to find new friends, community and even make lifelong friends.With the ability to start a conversation in real time at any time, it’s like having a friend or multiple people at your fingertips. All of this together has a positive impact on young people’s lives, eliminating loneliness and helping them build deeper connections with the world.

1. Find and create your tribes

Wizz enriches user profiles with badges that highlight their interests. Badges help other users and the app’s algorithm identify topics and activities that are important to each person. This community-building feature makes it easier for teens to find diverse groups of friends that match their interests.

For example, if you are a video game enthusiast, you can easily connect with other people who share your passion for games like Fortnite, Roblox, Valorant, etc. Wizz also organizes communities based on different perspectives and interests.The Wizz app currently includes cat lovers, basketball enthusiasts, Roblox enthusiasts, anime lovers, and avid gamers.

Finding or forming a tribe can significantly increase commitment and self-esteem, thereby reducing feelings of isolation. Wizz’s mission is to make it easy for young people to create and maintain virtual connections.

2. A safe place to build confidence

Wizz was designed as a refuge for teenagers to express themselves and develop their self-esteem. Aware of the potentially harmful effects of social media, Wizz’s creators have de liberately rejected features such as likes and other forms of popularity-based rankings, which often lead teenagers to compare themselves and feel insecure. These comparisons can cause them to withdraw from the world instead of accepting it.

Furthermore, unlike other platforms, Wizz does not require external verification from users, making their self-assessment synonymous with the performance of the content they share. The social media app reduces the pressure on teens to rate themselves based on how their content compares to that of their peers. They can focus on building an authentic identity and creating more meaningful connections instead of focusing on the number of likes and views on their posts.

In a recent interview with Grit Daily, Wizz co-founder Gautier Gédoux said that the team’s priority was to create a social media app that was a safe place full of age-appropriate content where teenagers could share their opinions, without being judged. from others, from outside. their immediate age group (plus or minus one year).

The Wizz app includes one of the most robust content moderation systems in the world, ensuring strict standards for user behavior and content quality are met. Benefit from third-party moderation partners like Besedo and Sight Engine, whose advanced AI-powered solutions block offensive content before it happens. They remove content and behavior that is widely considered offensive or inappropriate, such as violent images, hate speech and vulgar content.

3) You can meet new friends and have conversations right away

Wizz takes a unique approach to connecting people. It connects people who are active on the app at the same time. By removing barriers that typically delay interactions—namely, users being offline for long periods of time or interfaces that lend themselves to more formal communication formats—Wizz significantly enables real-time interactions and new, Enhances the creation of meaningful friendships.

It’s important to note that Wizz is not a dating app—it’s a social media network designed for teens. It does not intentionally match people based on their geographic location or encourage them to meet offline. Wizz’s mission is to ‘expand customers’ worlds’ by connecting them with colleagues within their country and around the world. That way, they can have conversations that feel familiar, as well as ones that allow them to explore the unexpected.


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